ZAWA ZAWA consists of two internationally acclaimed musicians and artists: Lisa Nordström (flute, voice, electronics) / Mika Takehara (vibraphone, percussion). A dynamic meeting between two very expressive and highly individual artistic spheres. Musically, they move seamlessly between composition and improvisation in an organic exploration of acoustic and electronic sonic landscapes.

Hello world

Photograph :Marie Ullnert

Photograph: Malin Johansson


Composer and Artist

Lisa Nordström

About Lisa,

Lisa Nordström has found her habitat. Maybe it was here she was on her way when she, as a young student from the Academy of Music, was traveling and got a clear impulse to choose her own path. More than twenty years later, she has established herself as one of Sweden’s most influential in electronic art music. Earlier this year, she won a Guldbagge in the film music category for the documentary Children of The Enemy.

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